Michelle Elizabeth Jarvis: Sound Designer and Engineer


Theatre Electronics - Cue Light

One of the classes that we take in our third-year is Theatre Electronics. In this class we learn about basic electronics and small scale fabrication. All of our projects are based around the use of half dead 9V batteries since we always have a lot of them laying around. In this project we were learning about switches, leds, resistors and that everything is designed in some way.

As a class we talked about each decision and the pros and cons to all. We also made a circuit diagram, layout diagram and wiring diagram prior to any drilling or soldering. This cue light was designed for use between a stage manager and a sound board operator because of this it uses XLR and the female connector is on the operators half. There is a red LED on a latching switch and a green LED on a momentary switch on the SM half and a red LED on a momentary push button to signal back on the operators half. Neither half of the cue light works if the other half is not connected, this way one easily knows if it is working. It is designed to be used in both the American and the British cue light systems.

Theatre Electronics - Cable Checker

The cable check was one of our next project in Theatre Electronics. We discussed what connectors we would like in them and choose 8; NL4, XLR, Midi, BNC, 4mm, 1/4" TRS, 1/8" TRS and RCA. We worked together and created a circuit diagram that allowed multiple types of cables to be check for continuity using only 4 LEDs/push button switches. Soon we realized that adding a fifth push button to test if the 9V was good would be useful. Then on our own time we used Google SketchUp and each came up with our own layout, keeping in mind diameter and depth of all the components. It was surprising how each of us came up with different layouts even though we all had the same connectors, same size box, same circuit diagram, and had been apart of the same discussions.

Applied Digital Projects - Max/MSP Cue Console Control Surface

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Audio Electronics- Speak Check

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Plundering and Composition

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Cirkus Theatre Project

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